Privacy threats and Rising Need for data protection software’s

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The obvious fact – data not safe:

Data security and prevention of data hacks has been one of the most controversial topics of the current century. Bulk complains have been lodged as to how these users went from ‘full to vacant’ by not taking the right steps while they had the chance. Be it social media, public Wi-Fi, cloud storage etc. all of the mediums that are near you and are working for free aren’t supposed to be trusted. Below we have mentioned a few methods as to how exactly your information gets penetrated.

Data collection- Cookies:

While you surf the internet, you forget someone is keeping an eye on your activities. The main concept is that most of the websites you visit store your preferences and in return you the ads that best suits your choice. But in the same case, you aren’t really aware of this fact as these sites do not really ask for your permission to do so. They simply put a header on the top of their website saying ‘by continuing, you agree to ourpolicies, terms and conditions’. Hence, we as users do not really have time to think what’s inside the agreement, we sometimes agree or just ignore what’s to be checked or evaluated. Hence, data collection is one of the most renowned method where users face consequences while not paying proper attention.

This data is then further sold to companies who then create products or services as per your needs. If they’re already done with this step, they simply narrow down their marketing segment as they now know who exactly wants to be your customer and hence save time, money and effort.

Public Wi-Fi:

The smartphone of this era is created in such a way that it cannot really survive without an internet connection. Most of the users prefer using their personal internet devices but once they reach its limit and while they are in public, they have no other option but to opt for public Wi-Fi. As expected, these public connections aren’t safe as they have weak security or encryption which means hackers, cyber goons etc. can easily penetrate through your data while you aren’t even aware of such activities.

Data stored on the cloud:

Cloud storage is the future, no arguments in that. However, this option so far still hasn’t earned the trust factor of the masses. These cloud accounts claim that the data stored on their clouds are pretty much inaccessible to anyone but they themselves know that the government can anytime intervene and access the data they desire. People switched from USB drives to cloud accounts due to the convenience it offers as USB drives usually got filled with viruses and Trojans in a matter of few seconds.

Google came into existence by having an objective of creating a place where information is widely accessible. At that time, data being collected wasn’t really a hyped up trend and was considered as an ordinary option. But as time passed by, the same availability of data become the next big trend. Large working companies started approaching such data to analyze as to how can they understand the patterns of human nature and alter their products as per the needsof the consumer.

What can you do?

Although life isn’t fair, we agree but that shouldn’t stop you from being your perfect self. Get a hold of your data and prevent anyone from making negative use of your files, folders, photos, videos etc. To be precise, encryption programs or data security and protection software tools are always in the market for you to invest in. although they charge you, but in return they away the risk from you.

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