Comparing Electromagnetic And Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices!

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Most homeowners are looking for better and effective ways of pest control. If you look for options, you will find two major kinds of electronic devices – ultrasonic pest control devices and electromagnetic ones. In this post, we will compare both in detail.

Overview of ultrasonic pest control devices

Well, an ultrasonic device only works when insects or pests are in direct line of sight. In short, these devices don’t work for vermin and insects that hide away behind wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. Sadly, these are the places or areas of the house, where insects actually breed. Many homeowners have also argued that more than one ultrasonic pest control device is usually required for each of the large rooms. Also, you must find the best ultrasonic pest repeller for maximum control. This is exactly where you can consider electromagnetic devices.

Overview of electromagnetic pest control devices

Electromagnetic devices for pest control must be plugged in the power socket, which allows the device to utilize the existing electromagnetic field of the house or concerned building. The device pulses at intervals, which affects the metabolism of pets. The good thing is it doesn’t affect your beloved pets and will not interfere with the electricity flow of the house. Many buyers have hailed electromagnetic pest control devices, mainly because the devices are environmentally-responsible and safe for families. The maintenance requirements are almost nil, and not to forget, such devices can penetrate beyond the walls, furniture and other interferences.

Things to note

When you want a pest free home, electromagnetic pest control devices might sound like a better choice. Please note that every brand is not the same, and therefore, it is important to check the claims for the product and review what they have on offer. If a company claims that they have tested the device by an independent engineer or firm, you should ask for the reports, and the genuine sellers will never shy away from that. In contrast, ultrasonic devices also work, but these don’t stop pests in the long run, given that the products don’t work in presence of interferences. Since most homes have walls and possible corners behind every drawer and cupboard, electromagnetic devices are better.

Many stores have some amazing online discounts on selected products for pest control, so do check for that. Don’t shy away from asking questions, and yes, take a look at the overall details and specifications.

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